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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Starry Night

Ed's Question: I wrote this - Now I think I actually read it somewhere first. Someone help me. Did I steal this story of did I actually invent it? Oh and note that I wrote this and didn't really edit it well. I just felt the need to get a story on the paper.

Oh and as an aside - This is my 200th post. Here's hoping for 200 more (with less incoherent rambling).

To call this a BIG DEAL would have been the understatement of the century. Literally. After all, this event was something which most of them had never seen (and some who passed would never see) except on grainy footage from a broadcast that was well over 89 years old.
So yes, this was bigger than a big deal. This was "as good as it gets" - it was "once in a lifetime" - it was "waiting my whole life for that one night" big. What else can you call it when the stars were coming?

Everyone knew the date. Everyone's 90 year calanders have it circled. In the spring of every ninetieth year, Pisces 14/15th to be exact, the three surrounding planets would shift in their special orbital pull and the stars of the galaxy would be visibly for all to see.

The great historians of the world had recorded these events going back thousands of years. The earlier generations were terrorized by the sudden appearance of thousands, nay millions of bright lights in the sky, seeing it as the impending end of the world. As little as 180 years ago, people thought it was alients giving the world a special signal. The advent of special telescopes and scientific theories of the "modern" era discovered the truth - that the planet was surrounded by three large masses which blocked the view of the stars except for one special day every 90 years when they "fell" out of their usual rotations and allowed for a view of the sky.
And damned if it wasn't going to be the biggest party ever. Aries 14th/15th had become a holiday - the holiest day of the year for most. Even bigger than New year's or All Treasures Day.

And why not? Imagine a world where the setting sun brings forth a blackness that until modern times was impenetrabe. Imagine a night sky so dark, so devoid of light, that you literally cannot see the hands in front of your face. A world where a mini flashlight is carried as commonly as dwelling keys and a moneybag. Imagine seeing stars only in picture books, black and white photographs and in your mind's eye.

Then imagine it being Aries 14th. Oh what a day. The preparations were evident everywhere. it was a celebration unlike any other in history. Groups of people were gathering together hours before sunset - mammoth feasts were served - ale and spirits were pour forth like water. Unlike the other 456 days of the year, the lights would not be turned on at dusk. There was no need for them this night. The sky would be the light - starlight would shine light a songburst from the mouths of birds.

Dusk descended - millions of people axxiously wait for the last of the sunlight to dip below the horizon. They were minutes away. What a night. Projections were saying that the population would skyrocket in nine months time. This was a night that they had waiting for, some for almost ninety years. Some where lucky enough to see it once before and wanted one last bite of the apple before they died.

So when the sun faded to black, it was shocking to see all black. Where were the stars? Wait they thought, it will be ok. It's just not dark enough yet. Stars don'd come out on cue - it's not a light switch that The Creator has. It takes a few minutes.

But then there was a cry of anguish from one of the gathered. Followed by another. And another. Mass confusion. What was happening to those people? But the confusion quickly turned to dread, realization and sadness when that first raindrops hit the skin. The stars, they realized, were there after all. But they would never see them.


  • Congratulations!!

    Looking forward to reading 200 more.

    By Blogger Sara, at 3:31 PM  

  • Congrats!!
    By the way, did you go to the Mets rally in the city today?

    By Blogger bellanny, at 6:43 PM  

  • Nope - Too busy sulking over el duque

    By Blogger Elster, at 9:44 PM  

  • What a truly emotional post.

    By Blogger Sara with NO H, at 12:41 PM  

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