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Friday, October 06, 2006

Some New Ramblings: A Fine Start - An Even Better Middle

I'll but the non-sports stuff in front to keep my non-sports loving readers happy and to save them time:

After 2 very late nights, I'm going into the chag exhausted. My brain is barely working at this point (which might explain this post) and I just need to get through this workday. With temperatures expected to tumble this evening into the 40's, I'm sure we will all be having a very pleasant Succos experience. AND I have had a terrible (alergy related?) cough for 2 weeks now, which was made much worse by all the ciggy smoke I inhaled leaving Shea on Wednesday. It's been many years since I felt the need to wear a jacket in the succah at night, but we may be seeing Elster's outerwear make an appearance.

Mmmmmm coffee. I tell you, what would people do without coffee? Even decaf (which I'm currently slugging about 30 ounces worth) picks me up. You non coffee drinkers are really missing the boat on this one. You are just like those non-sushi eaters. Sure it looks gross and may even taste gross at first, but once you get addicted the good times shall roll.

My writer's block is starting to reach epic, monumental proportions. Well, until yesterday when I spent all afternoon cranking out a story that I was happy with. I know you all care, that's why I bring it up.

I wish everyone a very nice chag. Now onto the sports:

At the risk of opening myself up to some unfounded crticism from Joe, quick kudos to the New York Rangers who opened up their season with an impressive (though I did not watch the game) 5-2 win over the Caps last night at the Garden. Newly named captain Jaromir Jagr scored on the first shift (first shot?) of the game and Brendan Shanahan had himself a fine first game as a Ranger netting 2 goals (the second the 600th of his career) - both assisted by my favorite Ranger Petr "I Look Exactly Like A Less Weathered Rob Lowe" Prucha.

Not that I need to defend myself but - I have previously stated here that I do not plan on following the Rangers with the same zeal that I have followed them in season's past. For some unidentified reason, I'm just not feeling it this season. While this means I won't be watching many (if any) games, it certainly does not mean I won't be following the team and occasionally writing about them. I may even write about the Knicks and I hate them.

As for baseball. What can you say? After a loooong night (left work, went to the gym, put the sechach and lights up in my sukkah) I finally settled in front of the tube with my white bread and peanut butter (Elster's food of choice after a big workout) to watch the game.

And what a game by Tom Glavine. The Mets needed him to be huge (with the terrible duo of Trachsel/Perez coming up in games 3 and 4*) (*if necessary) and he was. 6 innings, 93 pitches, no runs and four hits. He could have gone longer but Willie was smart to pull him and keep him fresh for his next start (may he be zocheh to make like 5 more in the playoffs and world series) - letting Feliciano/Heilman/Wagner finish up the 7-8-9 sets. And in even better news, now Mota will be well rested for his next meltdown.

The offensive patiently worked the young lefty, Kuo, they had so much trouble with earlier this season. But this is the playoffs. Behind the play of Endy Chavez and Jose Reyes, the Mets are up 2-0 in the divisional series and we can all breath a tad bit easier.

But of course, even victories leave room for questions:

- Can John Maine shake off his shaky first outing and pitch effectively for 6 innings his next turn?

- What's with Carlos Beltran? He is too tight out there, getting way out in front of early pitches and working himself into 0-2 holes almost every at bat. He even lost count of how many outs there were at one point, catching a third out and firing it back in to stop runners from tagging up. Right now Delgado (terrible trade, right Joe? Wouldn't we be much better off with Mike Jacobs protecting Beltran?) is picking up his slack.

- Why isn't Aaron Heilman more effective on a consistant basis? Sure a solo homer up by 4 in the eigth isn't the biggest deal in the world but still - he has the stuff to be an untouchable (or close to it) set up man but he seems to lose focus too often. he can't put guys away when he gets up on them 0-2 and he cannot finish innings sometimes.


  • 1. You cannot say: I won't follow any Rangers game, and then get all excited when they win. Don't be a bandwagon fan.

    2. "Willie was smart to pull him and keep him fresh for his next start"

    Hopefully next start is NLCS Game 1, since I don't want a 40 year old on three days rest.

    Willie was indeed right to pull him then.

    3. "Can John Maine shake off his shaky first outing"

    So, now you agree with me that Maine was shaky?

    4. "What's with Carlos Beltran? He is too tight out there"

    When I said that, you disagreed with me!

    5. "Delgado (terrible trade, right Joe? Wouldn't we be much better off with Mike Jacobs"

    We could have gotten Delgado for much less, since the Marlins were intend on getting rid of all salary.

    Furthermore, as I've been saying since last winter, my objection to that trade was I felt that the $14 million going to Delgado would have been much better off going to a Number 1 starter. Since the Wilpons have a $100 million budget, the choice was Delgado or a starter. I still think we need a starter much more.

    6. "Why isn't Aaron Heilman more effective on a consistant basis"

    The home runs scare me.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 11:28 AM  

  • I just wrote a whoe response that blogger ate. Too lazy to do it again.

    By Blogger Elster, at 12:16 PM  

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