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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Major Announcement

After several months of negotiations (i.e. general procrastination and hemming/hawing) I am extremely happy to announce the grand opening of The White Shoe Factory, a collaboration between blogger deity McAryeh and yours truly. And no, I am not attempting to get myself into the Guiness Book of World Records for most blog collaborations in the J-Blogspere. At least that's my official position.

The White Shoe Factory is the extremely fictionalized account of the zany (at least in fiction it is) world of the totally fictional power house law firm of Sullivan, Powell and Weiss. And no, it is NOT about me and my experiences at all. The cool thing is that many of the nutty stories you will be reading about (assuming you read them) did happen - at least in some form or another.

And please, don't email me that you are a lawyer and this is nothing like a real law firm. Of course it isn't. No one wants to read about how you sit in your office all day reading documents or drafting briefs. That's not entertaining.

If you link to the site today, all you will see is the test post. In deference to Halloween, the first post of White Shoe will be going up tomorrow - as in not today, so please don't email me that there is no post there - and we will hopefully be posting new entries twice a week.

As always, comments are welcome - as are suggestions and criticisms. Have fun people.

*** Oh and while we are on the subject of my long list of blogs, please check out my latest over at Storytellers. It's quite a whizbang of a story.***


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