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Monday, October 09, 2006

Chol Hamoed Ramblings Part I

Some post-First Days ramblings. Once again, I will put the non-sports related stuff first:

- I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger on Friday and almost speaking on the phone with another. I met MoC for the first time AND managed to wrangle an advanced copy of the J-music CD he produced in memory of his father. You can find all the detail here. I will be popping the CD in my car and give it a listen this week.

- But for work related snafus, I almost spoke with Jameel on Friday as well (he made a surprise appearance in the States and I beat his phone number out of him. Alas, I got tied up at work and could not give him a pre-Yom Tov call. Still, I’m considering it an advancement in out relationship. AND he submitted his Storytellers story!! Well part one of it. His seems to be suffering from the same issues as a lot of other submissions – no one wants to write an ending. Well, I have already ordered Part II and have given him one week Muquata time (or about 5 weeks of real time).

Coming on the heels of seeing Joe at the Met game last week, that’s three “real world” blog connections in the last week. That’s the reason why I love blogging. Well one of them anyway.

- I have a couple of blog collaborations in the works as well – one of them involved three other bloggers but is very slow to develop. I am actually not sure if it ever will develop but we shall see. The other project, being done with a fellow blogger who is remaining anonymous for now, is very special to me and I am really hoping to be able to share it with everyone in the not so distant future. Let’s cross out fingers for that one.

- I woke up Sunday morning but of course the paper didn’t have the late Met score. Luckily, I went to a shul that day where everyone would know the score. Sure enough, I saw to Met fans talking to one another right before davening was about to begin:

“Today really will be a z’man simchaseinu,” one said to the other. Elster’s heart leaps. “Does that mean the Mets won last night?” Elster asked?

9-5. A true Steve Trachsel game. Get pounded but the Mets got the win anyway. I read up on the game but the truth is, this set up well. The Mets get to set up their “rotation” as they want (maybe Glavine goes in game one on exactly 5 days’ rest) and the Cardinals Carpenter pitched last night rendering him unable to go three times in this series.

Sure the Mets have a horrible pitching staff right now and the Cards are peaking at the right time. But I don’t care. I am not giving up the faith. I think the Mets can slug their way to the World Series and, once there, it’s anyone’s game. I am very excited.

- I tivo’d the Jet game and watched it right after yom tov. I seriously cannot remember the last time the jets were whipped in every aspect of the game. They were outplayed, out coached out everything. What a horrible experience. And what was Mangini thinking leaving in Pennington late in the third and almost all of the fourth, down 31-0? Was he expecting a comeback? Why risk an injury to a team whose defense was flying all over the field? Oh and that roughing the passer call on Barton? One of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.

- My fantasy football team didn’t fare much better, getting absolutely DRUBBED by Jetsphan. I have no words. There will be MAJOR shakeups, that I can promise you.


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