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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quick Observations

Blogger Jewboy mentioned in the comments to his latest and greatest that he was stayng away from certain mainstream topic because they had been extensively covered on the J-Blogsphere and were thus simply repetitive. With all due respect to Mr. Boy, I think he's kinda missing the boat on this one. The whole purpose of blogging (or at least a main pourpose) is to express your own opinions on a topic that you might find important. Or sometimes, it's simply a coping mechanism for issues taking place around us. That's why Jack, for example, has about 25 Israel related posts since the conflict began, because it's his was of showing support. So I fail to see anything particularly wrong with being repetitive here, it's par for the blogging course.

Speaking of Israel - there is so much happening right now it's become impossible to keep up. Hezbollah is coming out with insane reports of casualties (trumping up deaths of Israeli soldiers, Lebanese civilian deaths, and downplaying Hezbollah terroist deaths), the number of rockets raining down over northern Israel - and now, sadly, creeping more south, the recent raids and 8,000 troops over the border. It's madness. Sources of information are, well, unreliable at best. It's hard enough being glued to this war at work all day, the least they could do is have a place where we can do one-stop shopping for everything.

The Fast of Av begins tonight. Look for an appropriately sad post to follow.


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