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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Storytellers Update

I am pleased to say that less than 24 hours after the original post went up, I have three commitments to Storytellers and another 2 very strong maybes (all not including me - for the sake of pumping up the numbers, I will count myself as both an "In" and a "Maybe" - taking us to 4 In and 3 Maybe).

People have inquired about the requirements and guidelines for the submissions. As I said, there are none. Well, there is one. It needs to be a fiction piece. You decide if you want it to be a short story, a fake article or even a snippet of a larger story. As long as you put some effort into, it doesn't matter what you submit. The editors are very easy.

I hope to start the ball rolling myself in a week or so, then post blogger submissions about a week apart or as they come in.

Again, don't be shy. You can even request an anonymous submission if you'd like. This is a great chance for you bloggers to try your hand at another form of your craft.

Submission email and a link to the Storytellers blog are to the right.

Thanks again.


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