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Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Monday

Quick Thoughts for a Monday afternoon:

- I went to a rally for Israel in my neighborhood last night, taking my 5 and a half year old daughter. While she was unimpressed, it has been very nice to see that the people of America have been taking the is conflict very seriously. There have been rallies all over the country (see Jameel for up to the minute news and info) and I for one am very heartened that this isn’t another example of how Diaspora Jews are too jaded to care. The crowd was not huge, but it was nice sized and people were still streaming in as we left to go “shluffy”.

- Response to Storytellers has been better than expected. Nine (that’s right, nine!) positive responses so far include recently thought to be retired McAryeh, who sent me an “I’m in” email this morning. I’m positively tickled that he’s joining the crew.

As I mentioned (a million times), this is open to anyone who wants to try their hand at fiction. I have filled the first four slots (Scraps, Jack, Sara then me) and after that it’s first come-first served. Just email it in (links to the right) and I’ll get it posted for you. I am hoping that many people take this opportunity to try something new. And again, don’t worry about sucking and the ridicule from your friends that could follow – I’m allowing anonymous submissions.

- I’m off to Shea tonight to see the Mets and Cubs play. I’m hoping being forced to sit through three hours of Steve (the Human Rain Delay) Trachsel will be offset by seeing the great Greg Maddux pitch for the Cubbies.


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