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Monday, July 17, 2006

Like Alice from the Brady Bunch

Or, in a word, housekeeping.

- I really have nothing to add on the conflict between Israel and Lebanon/Gaza. My latest post (see below, I’m not linking that – don’t be so lazy) incited a near anti-Elster riot by Joe and a war of words that followed it. At the end, though, my post was written as a gut-wrench reaction and was poorly thought out. It’s never that simple. This is not a war about the return of the kidnapped soldiers, it never was. It is a war to protect the citizens of Israel from the constant threat of rockets pouring in from Lebanon. It is a war to disarm Hezbollah in Lebanon and to weaken Hamas in Gaza.

These are noble goals. Weakening terrorist groups is always something worth supporting, even if the G8 leaders , European Union and United Nations see it otherwise. I applaud both President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair for not taking the more politically correct position of condemning the breadth of the Israeli attacks and instead recognizing Israel’s right to defend it’s borders and citizens from terrorists and kidnappers. And staunchly pro-Israel defenders have to understand that of course they must call on Israel to try and keep civilian casualties or collateral damage to a minimum. Those are just words, not the message. So yes, I have nothing more to add.

- I debated whether or not I should be writing anything else (read: sports/fiction/Elster’s usual stupidity) during the war in the Middle East but I realized that while my thoughts and prayers are constantly with Israel, the world around me continues to spin. Becoming obsessive about the situation won’t help or improve it either. So if you have no interest in trivialities, stop reading right now.

- So it’s terribly hot outside. We are approaching Billy Wagner fastball temperatures (96-98) out there with another day of this scheduled for tomorrow. On the train this morning, my mind went back to the events of the great blackout of ’04. I decided that this time (assuming there is another blackout/another reason to hightail it out of the City) I won’t mess around. I will grab as much water as I can haul comfortably in my sling pack and make for the 59th Street Bridge and the (relative) safety of Queens. But I digress. My point really is, when it’s this hot outside, I would much rather be sitting poolside with an iced beverage in my hand than in my office wondering how the weather will be affecting my commute home. But that’s just me.

- Watching the Mets pour it on the Cubs in the 6th inning last night, some thoughts:

* This would be a great time for Cliff Floyd to get hot.
* This team desperately needs another front line starter. The Mets will be keeping a very close eye on Mike Pelfrey when he gets up on the mound tomorrow night to see if they have a potential fifth (or better) starter on their hands. In the weak and sad National League this season, the Mets should be able to continue to run away from the rest of the league with a 75% effective Pedro, a suddenly mortal looking Glavine (who is really starting to worry me) and whoever else they throw out there. The emergence of Pelfrey could be the biggest story to keep your eye on for the rest of the season. That and the collective health of the players (especially Pedro Martinez).

- I am currently suffering through an unprecedented lack of ideas for writing. I recently wrote a post regarding my fears of suffering writer’s block. I don’t think I have writer’s block, I just don’t have the energy to even think about writing. It’s a combination of summer heat, inertia and, well, writer’s block. I do believe, however, that if I can focus myself on a project, I will be able to snap out of this funk quickly. The problem is focusing on a project.

So the house has been cleaned. Stay tuned for more.


  • I got my Sports Illustrated yesterday and was happy to see that not only do the Mets have to deal with the Elster Jinx, now they must deal with the SI Cover Jinx as well.

    By Blogger Jewboy, at 12:08 PM  

  • Yes as well as dealing with a streaking, and worrisome, Braves team. Damn you Larry Jones.

    By Blogger Elster, at 12:25 PM  

  • Never say die. Choppin' away!

    By Blogger Jewboy, at 6:08 PM  

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