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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


- Scrolling down Elster's World (excluding sports posts of course) one would get the impression that these are sad times for Elster. For the most part, the post content has been more depressing than uplifting.

Well I am here to set the record straight. Elster is in a relatively good place right now (and talking about himself in third person for extra reading pleasure) and things are pretty good. I have my ear to the ground for better job opportunities, I am trying to think of ways to get myself published on a smaller scale so that I can get published on a larger scale (incidentally, if anyone can think of a good fiction or features magazine that might be right for me, let me know) and things are going well at home (well, little baby Elster III could be sleeping a little better but she's only 5 plus weeks old so we'll cut her some slack). So much like those bands that write really depressing songs and then laugh all the way to the bank, Elster's World is a happy world right now. Content depression has more to do with the sad state of the world than the state of Elster's head.

- On the advice of one of my "loyal" readers, I spoke to the local rabbi about the people on my block. Luckily, he was already aware of the situation and was in the early stages of trying to get involved. I am happy that I (admittedly after being pushed) took a (hopefully) positive step, instead of being one of the cluckers and tiskers on the street corner.

- I am extremely glad David Wright failed to win the Home Run Derby at the All-Star festivities last night. We are all well aware of the Home Run Derby jinx. Isn't the Elster Jinx enough for the Mets? Do they really need their most consistent player jinxed as well?

- Finally, I wanted to say that Elster's World will eventually be getting its facelift. My blog whiz Sara is busy with summertime responsibilities and cannot devote the time to it now. There's no hurry. I'm really starting to like my blog more and more and I feel like I am finding my voice here (if not my target audience). And then one day you will sign on and BOOM, a whole new site with cool banners and pictures and even some links! What a surprise it will be for all of you, I'm sure.


  • i, for one, did not have the impression these were sad times. just thoughtful times... keep looking for a job that you can tolerate, and publishing... well.. that would be liberating indeed!

    glad to hear that the local rabbi had some awareness... i hope that he doesn't wait too long to help the children. often people fear what the parents will do, which is why the children are at risk in the first place. i say give 'em the old king solomon test...

    who is david wright? is he a relation of frank lloyd? wilbur? orville? and what is the home run derby jinx? what language are you speaking anyway?

    i kinda like the black and white simplicity of your blog. until you said otherwise, i assumed it was intentional. call me naive ;-)

    By Anonymous iamokayasanonymous, at 2:17 AM  

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