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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Post 134

For lack of a better title. Well, the Elster home has relaxed, the dust has settled and the nurse has gone. I'm back and better than ever. So much to talk about. There's a new Elster in the fold. She's a real cutie (not that I've seen too much of her with the nurse around) and thank the good Lord she looks like mom.

The Mets (despite 2 dreadfull loses to the Giants) are flying pretty high. Even though they lost today I take at least cold comfort from the fact that they finally got to Armando Benitez. I'm pretty sure today's meltdown will begin his seasonal downward spiral. Good times.

I have completed the next installment of Travel Mates and it will go up as soon as my two cohorts give me the thumbs up (or down).

Tomorrow I go back to work full time after a brief baby induced vacation. Not good times.


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