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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Elster's Jinx - Revisited

- So after giving the Mets some good vibes yesterday afternoon - generally a sign of the apocalypse according to some - they still somehow managed to hold off the Phillies last night in large part to some clutch hitting by the middle of the order and a nice ninth inning combo performance by Billy Wagner and David Wright.

The truth is, the Mets are laying the smack down on the National League right now. Up until this season, I would have dreaded Yankees followed by Red Sox series' in interleague play. This season, I'm relishing it. The Mets are going to Fenway Park where they will try to lay down some more smack against some of the best that the superior American League has to offer. Is it too early to dream about a Schilling-Pedro matchup? Not for me. Bring it on.

And for those of you doubters who want to bury your heads in the sand until the end of the season - you need to be enjoying this. The Mets have not looked this good since, well, since 1986 (dare I say). They can pitch (both starters and a very deep pen), they can play some defense, they can hit and they can run. There are some great personalities like Jose Reyes, El Duque, Julio Franco and Pedro in the clubhouse. I even saw Kaz Matsui smile once or twice before he was unceremoniously dumped for a .217 hitter. The seven and a half game cushion they are opening up adds a little breathing room going into a very tough stretch of the season.

- Speaking of laying the smack down, how good is Dwyane Wade right now? Is he Lebron good? I don't know. But he's certainly top-5 in the league right now when you consider how absolutely clutch he is. How about throwing up a 42-13 in an absolute do-or-die game last night? 13 rebounds from your shooting guard?

In all probability, the Dallas Mavericks are going to win this series in six games. But it won't be because Wade didn't bring it. You can blame it on a deteriorating Shaq and a lousy supporting cast, but the Wade/Lebron James/Carmelo Anthony/Chris Paul nucleus makes it almost palatable to start rooting for the NBA again.

If only I wasn't a Knicks fan...


  • well game 2 is now in the books and the Mets have soundly beat the Phills, proof that there was no jinx...el duque was a great pick up, i wish the yankees could have gotten him to bolster their flagging pitching staff

    By Blogger bellanny, at 11:48 PM  

  • Bell - I believe that the El Duque trade will pay its real dividends in Sept and hopefully October. He is a big stage/big game pitcher.

    As for the Jinx - the game was ALMOST rained out with the Mets up 7-2. So the jinx almost occurred.

    By Blogger Elster, at 9:16 AM  

  • Almost doesn't count...in baseball there are a lot of almosts (almost caught it, just foul, almost won). So if the jinx didn't occur when there was plenty of opportunity then it seems to say that it doesn't exist.

    And yes, the big time payoff will be when the real pressure mounts, but even now he has saved the back end of the rotation and helped keep the bullpen somewhat fresh (with the exception of the rain delay game last night).

    By Blogger bellanny, at 11:28 AM  

  • The jinx has been put to bed as the Mets complete the sweep.

    By Blogger bellanny, at 6:33 PM  

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