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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Curious Case of Victor Zambrano

I almost feel bad writing about nonsense after my last post but not THAT bad – After all, I’m basically 15% serious and 85% nonsense – Just ask Joe:

Ok I’ll say it, even if Willie Randolph and Rick Peterson will not; Victor Zambrano is disgusting out there. Disgraceful. Revolting. You pick. It isn’t just the horrid numbers (1-2, 9+ era, 15 earned runs in 14 innings with 5 gopher balls allowed) but if you have watched him pitch at all this season, you will see a guy with absolutely no confidence. The strike zone seems about three inches wide for this guy. He is not even close to the plate. And now they are sending him to the wolves against Atlanta this weekend? Or are they? There seems to be some disagreement between Rick and Willie on this one.

But here’s my question. Can’t they take Zambrano out of the rotation and replace him with Aaron Heilman? 20 games ago this would have been insane, but with Duaner Sanchez throwing lights out and the pen in general delivering (not you Jorge “Not to be confused with Lugo” Julio), couldn’t the Mets bring in Heath Bell (throwing well in AAA) and really not lose that much? Wouldn’t you rather have Heilman going every 5 days and actually giving the Mets a chance to win? Call me crazy but I would.

Zambrano is the ugly stepchild at this point. Last night, Peterson was interviewed before the Met Giant game in San Fran and was asked about the great start for the staff. He basically went through each starter with praise and then said something like well, Victor hasn’t really gotten off to a great start. Oh really? We hadn’t noticed. You mean 15 earned runs in 14 innings isn’t Cy Young material? Thanks for the news flash Rick.

So here’s an idea. Screw his fragile psyche. The Mets need to admit they made a severe mistake trading Scott Kazimir for Zambrano, take their lumps, and drop his cement covered body into the Hudson before he does any more damage. And yes, I know he will throw a 2 hit, 6 strikeout game against the Braves on Saturday just to spite me. But he will follow that up with a four inning, 122 pitch disaster five days later. Just please out all of us out of out misery. Please. I’m begging here.

In a related story, the Mets promoted Mike Pelfrey to Double-A ball after going 2-1 with a 1.64 era in single A. Will he be in the bigs by, say the All Star break? It’s way too early to tell, but clearly the Mets are trying to make contingency plans. How about mine guys? Bell up, Heilman in, Zambrano in AAA where he can sit with Jose Lima and they can attempt to set the record for highest combined era of all time.


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