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Monday, February 06, 2006

Post Super Thoughts

Some random thoughts on the Day After - Including a rebuttle to Josh from Why Josh Can't Be Left Alone:

- Boring Super Bowl. It's always interesting watching a game when you have no rooting interest. I went into the game rooting for the Steelers (and expecting them to win), but quickly remembered that the Steelers were the team that beta the Jets last year in the playoffs. needless to say, I switched allegiances quickly. Alas, the Steelers still won.

But in doing so, I realzed something; While Seattle totally got jobbed by the officials (some of the worst calls I've ever seen in a Super Bowl game including the silly pass interference call on the touchdown pass and the incomprehensible penatly on Matt Hasselback for making a tackle), they played terribly and did not deserve to win. Their clock management at the end of the first half cost them at least three point and their clock management in the fourth quarter made it almost mathematically impossible for them to make a comeback - minutes wise. So even though the officiating was terrible, stunningly terrible, Seattle must look to themsleves as reason Number 1 that they lost. They dominated the game and continually shot themselves in the foot.

- Ben Roethlisburgergrte#@ played about as poorly as one can and still allow for huis team to win. He scores major points for the nifty, run to the line, pull up, ballet dance and throw a total chuck to Hines Ward, but other than that (and the Phantom Touchdown) he stunk.

- Jerome Bettis is fat. Most of the offensive linemen are fat. I love that you can have a giant beer gut in the NFL and still be considered an elite athelete. It gives us regualr guys something to strive for.

- Josh was saying the other day that sports is bad because people waste so much time on it and it contributes nothing to society (and yes, I am shorthanding his argument for the sake of time. Feel free to check out the post straight from the horse's mouth). A number of rebuttals:

* We humans are, well, just human. We aren't any of us on a level where we don't waste time. In my opinion, sports is a much better time waster than most other things we can be wasting our time with. Would you rather your son be able to rattle off the ERA of ever starter on the Yankees or do drugs? Or have premarital relations? That's what I thought.

** Sport does contribute to society on many levels - When we play we are exercising. When we root, we are sharing a common goal with our brothers and sisters. It also allows us to get rid of pent up emotions in a relatively healthy way. Note, this does not apply to European soccer hooligans.

*** A true sports fan is a thinker. He sees what is happening on the field beyond the touchdown. He sees the block that opened up a lane for the running back who scored the touchdown. He sees the scheme which opened up one on one coverage on the receiver. There is a beauty in sports beyond the simple grace of the atheletes themselves for those who open their eyes to it.

So to reiterate - Super Bowl = crappy, but sports = good.



  • I didn;t realize there was a science to football... then again I'm a girl... I was biding my time in between commercials and the half-time show. The guys seemed into it, though.

    By Blogger FrumGirl, at 6:40 PM  

  • Well, maybe not so much a science as a logic - a scheme - It's certainly more than 22 guys running around chasing a ball. Well, it's THAT too.

    I guess it can be appreciated (or not) on many levels.

    By Blogger Elster, at 9:12 AM  

  • Hello there elster, sorry for the absence, combination of a semi depresse state and no internet (moved apartments). i'd like to add the following:

    first, i agree, this superbowl was plain and boring. Parker's 75 yard TD run was cool and Big Ben had a few exciting plays but overall; DUD.

    While agree that the officials made some terrible calls, i offersome rebuttals. The Big Ben ouchdown call was definitely close, but certainly not irrefutable enough to overturn it. Human error and an understandable call i label that one.

    The pass interferenc call was legit and i'll tll you why. did it have an impact on the play? absolutely, 100%NOT for sure. however that isnt the rule. the rule is that the offensive player cannot push off the defender to make a play for the ball. He did push off therefore warranting a flag. Remember the hasselback play ruled NOT a fumble? Remember why? because the pittsburgh player made contact with him, even though it wwas light and had NO impact on the play. The rule is if the player is contacted while going down it isnt a fumble. the plays are similar so it is a wash. Dont forget earlier in the game, i cant remember which seattle receiver it was but he caught the ball, took steps and then fumbled it and it was ruled an incomplee pass, bogus call.

    your point of Seattle not playing well enough to win is the main thin in my opinion. Despite bad reffing, Seattle just didnt deserve to win.

    Frumgirl, there is a science to everything. The superbowl, theoretically, is about football at its highest, best level. We didnt see that in the superbowl. The ads were for the most part subpar this year but my friend made excellent chicken wings so it evened out.

    Sports, like anything else can beither productive or detrmental, depends on the "user"

    I'm out, Rack me :)

    By Blogger The Real Neo, at 1:34 PM  

  • I'll be honest, I don't get "art" either. So maybe I just need to appreciate alternative interests more...

    By Blogger Josh, at 9:05 PM  

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