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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Looking Forward, Looking Back - The Days of the Week

Sunday afternoon comes and quiet dread descends on me. “Work tomorrow,” I think, and let it ruin my evening. I will not sleep well that night.

Monday morning, I wake up depressed. I check my Blackberry on the train. How did I get so many messages over the damn weekend? “Just five days to the weekend,” I tell myself. “You can do this.” I will worry the whole day that some huge project is about to be dropped on my lap.

Tuesday comes. “You made it past Monday, Big Boy. You are made in the shade. Just keep your head down till Friday and you will be fine.”

Now it’s Wednesday afternoon. “Halfway through. Just two and a half days to go and one of em’s a short Friday. I am the man!”

Thursday, I’m a little happier. The weekend is in sight. Last full working day. “One day? I can do that standing on my head. With my socks on fire.”

Friday. Half a day. I’m cruising. It’s 2:30. I am gone like the wind. I smile. I made it. Another week of Hell in the books.

Friday night. Looking back. Did I just really wish another week of my life away? Am I really happy that it is over? Another week, another period where I have contributed nothing. Why am I rushing through my life, just hoping for weekends, then upset that nothing has changed?

Shabbos comes and I forget.


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