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Monday, February 13, 2006

Because I Like To Post More Than Once A Week (It's the Principle Of It)

So the Vice-President of the United States shot a hunting buddy in the face over the weekend. It would simply be too easy to insert a joke here. Suffice it to say, the anti-gun lobby must be having a field day with this. Can you even put a price on this kind of unintentional entertainment? I think not.

In other news, it snowed alot this weekend. I had to shovel three times and clear my car twice. Even so, I had a pretty pleasant Sunday. The kids got a kick out of the snow and me and the Mrs. were able to chill out around the house. I made my patented eggs for brunch (on a slighty toasted bagel - let the good times roll) so we ate well too. So except for the slight backache which I got from pushing around approximately 500 pounds of snow, it was a good day.

I have some negative book news to report, but I will not dampen the fine karma I've created by posting it here. Maybe I'll follow up later.


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