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Friday, December 30, 2005

Will Billy Crystal Be Hosting?

Fellow blogger Joe (http://jschick.blogspot.com/) sent me an email today letting me know that I have been nominated for an Israeli and Jewish Blog Award (sponsored by The Jerusalem Post and Israelly Cool) in the category of Personal Blog.

At first I was confused having not realized that there even were such awards. But confusion turned quickly towards a feeling of pride (in the recognition of my work) and thanks (for all three hundred of you who thought enough of the blog to nominate it – just kidding). It’s really an indescribable feeling to know that someone thought enough of this blog to nominate it for anything other than the coveted Biggest Waste of Time in Cyberspace Award. (Of course, pride and thankfulness turned quickly to anger that no one thought to nominate me in the Jewish Humor category but whatever.)

Anyway, I started perusing the list of categories and nominees and noticed many familiar names. I started to email a bunch of them congratulating them individually but it was annoying and time consuming. So instead, I thought I would spread the wealth right here with some of my favorite blogs and the categories they were nominated in:

Best Series: Hirhurim (http://hirhurim.blogspot.com/) and Joe (http://jschick.blogspot.com/) get the nod in this category. Gil Student’s Hirhurim is truly fantastic (if not really up my alley) and Joe’s is a real trip. No one else in all of Blogland combines sports, Israeli politics and the religious issues du jour like Joe. In fact, no one else in Blogland combines sports, Israeli politics and the religious issues du jour at all. But my favorite part of the Joe Schick Experience is reading the comments of those who berate him for “wasting” his time writing about the Jets when he should focus on more “important” issues like the Slifkin controversy of the latest Lakewood debacle. Yeah, like anything could be more important than writing about the New York Football Jets. Dopes.

Best Post: Great category, though after reading through some of the nominees, I was a little disappointed. But here we get the first of McAryeh’s (http://awhisperingsoul.blogspot.com/) nominations. With all due respect to all bloggers everywhere, I will state here, on the record, that “MC” is my absolute favorite blog in the whole wide world (excluding, of course, (http://elstersworld.blogspot.com/)). The nominated post is a great example of MC’s blend of humor, popular culture, jewish culture and simply great writing. ClooJew (http://luleidemistafina.blogspot.com/) checks in for the first time here as well. The nominated post, 30 Tammuz, is actually fantastic – the first really decent post I read when I first started checking out blogs six months ago. This will definitely be getting my vote in this category. Nice Jewish Girl (http://shomernegiah.blogspot.com/) gets her first nod here as well. (Side note: If you are jewish, I think that NJG’s blog is an absolute must read. You must read it from the beginning. It is a heartbreaking tale of what it’s like to try and struggle between trying to be shomer negiah and 35 years old. It’s sad and beautiful at the same time. It’s starting to lose some of its power as time passes, but her story is one which needs to be heard. Repeat, needs to be heard.) Oh, and Joe pops in with nomination #2. Yawn

Best New Blog: MC, of course, ClooJew again and NJG all pick up their second nominations. NJG averages over 100 comments a post and ClooJew’s rabid fans would literally drink the Cool-Aide for this guy. Sorry to all, but MC’s getting the vote here.

Personal Blog: Not exactly sure what this means and not sure why it’s not Best Personal Blog, but it’s still my favorite category. The best blog in this category is (http://elstersworld.blogspot.com/), but I might be a little biased. That’s the one I’m gonna vote for anyway. Other nominees include MC (again), NJG, Rabbi Neil Fleischmann (http://rabbifleischmann.blogspot.com/), Toronto Pearl, (http://wwwpearliesofwisdom.blogspot.com/), Seraphic Secret (http://www.seraphicpress.com/) by Robert Averech, an orthodox Hollywood screenwriter (who loses point for being about as helpful as a wall with regard to my book) and R.X (http://suburbanhymns.blogspot.com/), who gains points for being British and very funny. Wow, tough, tough competition. I can honestly say that I don’t feel like I have a very good chance, but I really am honored to be mentioned among such a group.

Jewish Culture Blog: Jews are cultured? Well, MC, (again) and ClooJew (again) certainly seem to be.

Jewish Humor Blog: MC (double yawn) is hilarious. RX is funny too. But seriously, where is Elster? No, I’m serious. Whatever.

Student Life Blog: Dina (http://ilovejewfood.blogspot.com/) who also goes by Cinnamon Rugelach and other Junk, my favorite blog student, gets a nod here. This girl has posted over 500 times. That’s prodigious.

Best Political Blog: Joe again. And get this, I hate politics, but not when he writes about it. And while here, Hirhurim and Joe also got nominated for Best Series.

Best Overall Blog: Ah, now we get to the biggie. The crème de la crème of blog awards. Best Overall Blog. MC, Hirhurim and Joe. Again, sorry to all, but MC’s got my vote. While I think that all of these blogs would be worthy choices (and probably have a better shot at winning), his blog is the greatest thing since sliced bread (except, of course, for http://elstersworld.blogspot.com/. Ok, I promise to stop shamelessly self-promoting.

Well, that’s all folks. Once again, special thanks to whoever nominated me, I was very happy to be thought of. Great choices in all the categories and may the best man or woman win.


  • I like your picks. I agree, MC does have a really good blog, BH.

    Also, congrates on getting nominated.

    By Blogger Lvnsm27, at 10:49 PM  

  • El- Congrats. Watching your site hits rise isn't as validating as winning an award- or even being nominated!

    By Blogger Josh, at 8:31 PM  

  • Congrats, Elster.

    I like MC's too. :)

    Also, it just occured to me that I think you need to write "student blog" and "500 posts" together or people won't understand that the purpose of a student blog is to give the student anothing thing to help him or her procrastinate. Hehe.

    By Blogger BrownsvilleGirl, at 6:54 AM  

  • "Anothing" in the above sentence meaning, of course, another.

    By Blogger BrownsvilleGirl, at 6:55 AM  

  • Elster, I will gladly take second to Elster's World. Thanks for all the blog love. You made my week. The feeling is definitely mutual. That's why I keep coming back...

    By Blogger MC Aryeh, at 9:27 AM  

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