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Thursday, November 03, 2005

It Looks Like It's Gonna Be a Long Season Larry

Quick reactions from the short amount of Knicks basketball I watched last night.

- Larry Brown's philosophy for winning basketball games is predicated on the following: Play hard nosed defense, rebound, hit your foul shots and rebound. Oh, and rebounding too. The Knicks don't play defense, cannot rebound and were abysmal from the free throw line. All bad things.

- Isaiah Thomas is never going to live down the contract he gave Jerome James this offseason. James turned one good playoff series against a hobbled Tim Duncan into an absolute mint. it's a joke. He's what, 30? All of a sudden the light went on for him?

- Predictably, Larry didn't play the rookies last night. Frye and Lee didn't get off the pine and Nate Robinson got just a few minutes and played decently.

- Jamal Crawford is about as out-of-control a player as there is in the league. His penchant for bad shots and terrible decisions/turnovers is amazing. While he is undoubtedly gifted athletically, he seems like the type of guy who knows how gifted he is and has since decided he doesn'y need to put the work in to make himself better. Another Knick tragedy.


  • Hey, it's my 50th post. I didn't even realize. Damn, I wanted to do something really special for 50, not wrte some crap about the Knicks. What a pisser.


    By Blogger Elster, at 5:44 PM  

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