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Friday, September 30, 2005

We Roll and Roll (Help Me Roll Away the Stone)

Random thoughts for a Friday:

- Wow, this week has been long. Painfully long. Waking up extra early for Selichos (special early morning prayers) really takes a toll on me. Also, my boy has decided that 5:45am is the new 7:00am. Not good times.

- I'm freaked out by the Yomim Noraim (High Holy Days) this year. The older I get, the harder it is for me to focus on the things I need to be focusing on this time of year. I always have too much on my mind. My head feels like a computer whose hard drive is overloaded. Now is a bad time for my processor to be running slow. I need a major head cleaning. Unfortunately, in the real world there are no information dumps. You cannot get rid of your problems by deleting garbage out of your recycle bin. Not good times.

- I'm feeling sluggish in the creativity department as well. I have put aside my second novel to focus my energies on getting the first one published. But all I do is send out about five queries a week and then wait for the rejections to roll in like the unstoppable tide. So the only "creative writing" I'm doing is right here in Blogsville. And quite honestly I'm pretty unhappy (for the most part) with what I put here because it tends to be unpolished, stream on consciousness stuff and not anything I'm putting real effort into. Again, not good times.

- I think that I would have made a good shrink. Im a good listener and I have a fairly decent ability to make astute comments about people. With the proper training, who knows. But all the shrinks I know (well, most of 'em anyway) are really weird. So it's probably better that I didn't go down that road. NO OFFENSE MCARYEH - you are, of course, excluded from this harshly unfair over-generalization.

- I recently got a (non-tv watchers can skip this section) Tivo. Tivo owners would always say that Tivo is a "life altering" experince. Of course, this is sillyness. There is nothing life altering about televison in general (at least not in a particularly good way), but it definately multiplies the ease factor. Just pop Lost into Season Pass and never worry about missing an episode. Need to take a phone call? No problem, just pause live tv. Pretty cool stuff. And speaking of Lost, very solid start to the second season. The hatch is open and it dosn't look like the show has missed a beat.

And yes, I'm pressing here. I feel as though I need to be writing but can't even focus myself enough to get anything coherent or interesting out. But I hate opening my blog and seeing stale material. I want to be writng, creating, putting stuff out there. Even stuff that's not my best work. So we roll and roll and then, like a flare of a match, inspiration will be out there, lifting the stone from off my shoulders.


  • i love tivo

    By Blogger Y.Y., at 12:31 PM  

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    By Blogger Badger, at 1:42 PM  

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    By Blogger BAC, at 9:29 AM  

  • Dude, change your comment preferences and make us type in the wavy word before we comment. I've had no comment spam since I did that.

    I totally get the part about the brain on overload - I could have worked 24 hours a day for the past week and still not gotten everything done. As my stress level has risen, my vocabulary has become increasingly colorful, prompting fantasies of yelling across my classroom, "Sit the f**k down!"

    This, too, shall pass. Must go tend the rising challah.

    Shana tova.

    By Blogger AnySara, at 5:59 PM  

  • How do I get the password thingy?

    By Blogger Elster, at 8:30 PM  

  • Forget it. I figured it out.

    By Blogger Elster, at 8:33 PM  

  • Glad I am not going to be a shrink, then! Not sure about shrinks themselves, but I have noticed a lot of children of shrinks - and rabbis - are pretty messed up. One of those things that make you go hmmmmm...not every post has to be a great piece of writing. I enjoy reading the filler posts, too. Life is like that, so why shouldn't blogs reflect that too?

    By Blogger MC Aryeh, at 10:56 AM  

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