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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


As I sit in my crappy office doing crappy work and feeling otherwise crappy, some musings on what summer is SUPPOSED to be (at least for me):

Blue greeen water, white sand, shorts and t-shirts, no shoes, trees in the breeze, swimming pools, swings, pretty girls, convertibles, creek in the forest, hiking, swimming, softball in the twilight, rivers, ceiling fans, afternoon rain storms, thunder, lightning, deer, fireflys in the darkness, boats, bathing suits, a cold beer, hot dogs, a hot grill, water parks, children's laughter in my ears, ice cream, mochachino, sneakers, basketball in sweltering heat, an exceptionally good book, lounge chair, beach blanket, cool wind, late August nights, friends, the solitude of an underwater swim, fish, flowers in bloom, an unexpected waterfall, a cabin, a road trip.

What does summer mean to you?


  • Ok, so during my tenure as a Jew, I have encountered literally DOZENS of people who would like to live in a small community in the country as opposed to the suburbs.

    Especially in the summer.

    Just think, if we all banded together, we'd easily have a minyan. I'm sure we could find teachers for secular and we could bring in girls just back form seminary to teach kodesh.

    Meat would be a hassle, but I'd gladly deal with it to get away from the concrete jungle.


    By Blogger AnySara, at 12:11 PM  

  • Well.....

    Couple of things. What you are talking about is a (shudder) bungalow colony. Count me out. I'm talking about a secluded cabin far away from other people (including jews). Yes, I would miss minyan but oh the price one pays for a little solitude from the masses.

    By Blogger Elster, at 12:33 PM  

  • Oh no - no bungalow colonies. They are way too ghetto and way too New York (no offense intended). I'm talking about a nice, permanent community in the midwest in a small town somewhere far, far away from the nearest city.

    I know there is a Lubavitch community like this, but I am so not Lubavitch.

    Alas, it's only a dream.

    By Blogger AnySara, at 2:26 PM  

  • What is a person who cannot dream? A very unimaginative person. So consider yourself a lucky (if partially unfulfilled) dreamer. That is EXACTLY what I am. A lucky, partially unfulfilled dreamer. Cool. Maybe I should put this on a business card.

    By Blogger Elster, at 2:31 PM  

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