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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Off the Top of My Head

Quick thoughts on a slow Wednesday:

- No one is reading my blog. Yet I keep writing. Why? Simple. I write for myself, not for other who might want to take a peek. Though, obviously, peeking is more than welcome.

I suspect this is true for most bloggers. Writing is good fo the soul. It's like talking to a shrink without the weekly bills. So when I "stumble" onto blogs with 0 comments, I understand perfectly. No matter who is reading keep writing; it'll still make you feel better.

- Summertime is good. It's good in so many ways. Yes, it's brutally hot. So what? Summer brings back so many happy memories. Swimming, playing ball, just being free. Worker drones of the world, do you still remember freedom? It still lives inside all of us, deep deep down.

Also, there's nothing on TV. Frees up time for other things; late night BBQ, maybe dinner with old friends? Whatever floats your boat.

- Ok, more to follow.


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