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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Classic Rock Experience

With some exception, I hate modern music. I belive that Rock and Roll peaked in the 1960's and 70's, almost flamed out in the 80's, and i still trying to resurrect itself today.

My music chart of the greats is simple. There's Zeppelin, there's Floyd and then there's everyone else. I feel that no one can hold a candle to these two supergroups. Take Zeppelin. Talk about lightining in a bottle. One of the greatest rock/blues guitar players of all time (Jimmy Page) teams up with a strong voiced kid from Birmingham, England (Robert Plant). Talk about a front line. Wow. Fill in the band with John Bonham on drums and the multi-talented John Paul Jones on everything else and you have yourself an all-star team.

I feel that people tend to mis-categorize Zeppelin as a Metal band. But honestly, that's just silly. Sure, they could rock with anyone, but this is the group that mixed in other cultures (see Kashmir) as well as the Lord of the Rings mythology (See battle of Evermore, No Quarter, Misty Mountain Hop and Ramble On) in with original blues sounds which they borrowed from blues greats going back to the 1920's. Hello? Metal band? I think not.

As for The Pink Floyd Experience (early name for the band), their path was very different. Their primary songwriter/lead guitarist went insane after becoming addicted to mind-altering drugs. Their early sound is psychedelia (heavily influenced by the soon to be departed Syd Barret) and their middle stuff is the Roger Waters influenced sound that would make them uber-famous (Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall). As for me, their best album BY FAR is the very under-appreciated Animals. 5 songs. 2 under two minutes. The other 3 at least 10. Every human being categorized as a dog (those who work for the pigs), a pig (evil leaders) and sheep (the followers). Brilliant sounds. "Dogs" may very well be my favorite Pink Floyd song.

Recently, I've been getting into some of their less famous stuff. Atom Heart Mother, Obscured by Clouds. This stuff is genius. All you need is the patience.

Good Luck.


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